Sven Brajković

Pianist & Conductor

Welcome to a world where melodies come alive, guided by the masterful touch of a virtuoso performer and the precise direction of a skilled conductor.

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Sven Brajković is a young pianist hailing from the picturesque town of Samobor, Croatia. He has garnered recognition among his peers through his exceptional musical talent, captivating audiences with his expressive performances in over 40 esteemed competitions. With an impressive collection of 19 first prizes, Sven's skill and dedication set him apart.

Sven has performed with the Dubrovnik symphony orchestra, Samobor Strings, Orchestra ULAG Ljubljana, and the Orchestra of Music Academy in Zagreb.His musical journey has taken him to renowned festivals such as the Samobor Music Autumn Festival, Ivana Summer Percussion Festival, International Keyboard Institute and Festival (IKIF) in New York, the Holland Music Sessions in the Netherlands, and the ISA in Austria. Additionally, he has broadened his horizons through the Tel Hai Piano Masterclass in Israel, where he both performed and learned from accomplished pianists.In 2018, Sven embarked on a significant milestone by joining an exchange program in Hangzhou, China, becoming the first Croatian student to participate. He studied under the guidance of Prof. Yang Ding, D.M.A. In Hangzhou he also learned some basics of Chinese language.Sven's commitment to excellence has been recognized through awards such as the Dean's Award for the academic year 2017/2018 and the Rector's Award for 2016/2017. He completed his studies under the esteemed tutelage of Srđan Čaldarović at the Music Academy in Zagreb, graduating in 2021. Currently, Sven continues to refine his craft under the guidance of pianists Aleksandar Serdar and Milana Chernyavska.An integral member of the piano trio Xylos, alongside Ieva Pranskute and Mislav Brajković, Sven has embarked on captivating musical journeys across Austria, Lithuania, and the Netherlands. Notably, they premiered a captivating composition by Slovenian composer Timotej Kosovinc at the Vienna Boys' Choir MuTh in 2019.Sven has also dedicated himself to shaping the next generation of musical talents. With years of experience as a piano teacher at the esteemed Ferdo Livadić Music School, his students have consistently achieved the highest honors in both Croatian national and International competitions.Except in performing and teaching he has proved himself to be an excellent choirmaster with almost a decade of experience. He has worked with both adult and children's choirs as a choir conductor and accompanist. He has a permanent position in the best Croatian children's choir Smješak, with whom he won numerous prizes in the region and developed children's hearing and music knowledge, and Church choir "Ljubav Kristova” where he showed his high level of conducting skills, advanced understanding of classical vocal training and knowledge, academic training in music history and music theory, English, German and Italian diction skills, organizational skills and strong leadership.

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Listen to Sven's music and let the beautiful tunes of the piano fill your ears. Press play and enjoy!

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